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Products and Product Lines

Microscope Slide Storage Cabinets
Phoenix's modular storage cabinets have become the standard for storing microscope slides in labs of all sizes. Built to last and storing 5,000 slides each, these can be stacked up to 15 cabinets high, for extremely high density slide storage. As the only company in the industry to sell these cabinets direct to the labs that use them, our prices cannot be beat!

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  Microscope slide storage cabinet for stackable high density  storage

Laboratory Specimen Courier Pickup Boxes
We manufacture a full line of medical courier pickup boxes for use by laboratories, hospitals and medical offices. Also known as a collection box, the units are insulated and lockable to protect the contents from the elements and to protect vital patient information to comply with HIPAA regulations. Several sizes are available and the boxes can be labeled with your logo and feature biohazard labels. We sell these under the name Lab Boxes.

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  lab box, lab specimen box, lab courier box, lock box

Tissue Block Cabinets
We manufacture tissue block cabinets for the storage of paraffin blocks and tissue cartridges. These cabinets are high capacity, and are stackable to add additional storage as needed. Built of steel for long life and priced right.

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  tissue block cabinet for paraffin block storage
Dairy Delivery Boxes (Milk Boxes)
Our milk delivery boxes have been used for decades by dairy companies for home delivery of milk bread and other goods to households. The boxes are made of unpainted galvanized steel for a vintage milk box look, are insulated to keep contents fresh, and can be silkscreened with the company's name or logo.

  Milk box, milkbox for home delivery dairy companies.

Framing Connectors
Phoenix manufactures a full line of standard, specialty and custom framing connectors which are used in the construction of strong, seismic or high wind resistant homes and buildings. Our products include brackets, post bases, straps, joist hangers, hurricane clips, plates and more. Focused on the needs of builders, manufactured housing plants and component manufacturers, we are the only company offering customized versions of all of our products.

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  Framing connectors such as post base, hurricane clip, hurricane strap, twist strap, metal plate, metal bracket.

Custom Products
Phoenix can manufacture products to your exact specifications. We utilize state of the art 3D CAD/CAM design software which aids in communication of design and design changes with customers and speeds development. Products are manufactured using computer controlled machinery and processes to allow quick turnarounds. We are well situated for small, medium to large volume production runs.

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  3D cad/cam product design and manufacturing of custom products.

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