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Capabilities and Services

Nearly everything we make starts out as a flat piece of metal. Our manufacturing processes cut, punch, bend, weld, assemble, and paint the raw materials into finished products. If you need a custom product, chances are we can make it!

We primarily work with galvanized steel, and stock nearly every thickness from 24 gauge through 10 gauge. We also work with stainless steel and aluminum.

Our capabilities include:

Punching: Our computer controlled (CNC) turret punch presses cut and punch out shapes with incredible speed and precision. They work off of files generated straight from the same CAD/CAM product drawings used to design the parts, so what you see is what you get. These machines can punch up to 10 gauge steel, and 1/4" thick aluminum.

Stamping: We have many presses of different sizes and tonnages to handle stamping jobs. Automatic steel coil feeders provide an uninterupted supply of raw material to these machines to make light work of even the highest volume jobs.

Bending: Our computer controlled (CNC) press brakes handle even the most complex bending jobs with speed and precision. These are also programmed with dimensions taken straight from our CAD/CAM product drawings.

Fastening: We have a variety of spot welding, and riveting machines for use in assembling components together.

Painting: We have a powder coat paint line in house. Powder paint provides the ultimate level of durability and protection from the elements.

Silkscreening: We can silk screen logos, labels and designs onto your product using the color of your choice. We can also apply stickers and other informational or decorative items to your product.

Assembly: We can assemble components into finished products.

Packaging: We are experienced at packaging items to minimize shipping costs, and can package items for wholesale or retail distribution.


microscope slide storage cabinet, slide storage
lock box, milk box, lab box, specimen box, courier box
framing connector, post base, post anchor

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